The Marxism Translated Top 5 (Posts of 2022)

The Marxism Translated Top 5 (Posts of 2022)

Hello all,

It’s been quite some year for this page. We have covered an enormous amount of material over the past 12 months, from the women’s question to World War I, from revisionism to the national question in Poland. On Women’s Day, the Marxism Translated website was finally launched (, alongside a podcast presence on all the standard platforms. I have given around 15 talks on my translation work for meetings here in Britain, Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

I will be publishing a new pamphlet on Clara Zetkin early in the new year (which will be mailed to all ‘Neue Zeit’ subscribers of this page) and have extensive plans to expand the content of this site, with more regular podcasts, more  book reviews and shorter video materials being  particular priorities. I am absolutely indebted to my Patrons around the world who make this possible, as well as the proofers, the tech people and those of you who spread the word on social media: many thanks to you all.

This post is a quick summary of some of the highlights of 2022. If you are new to this page, or if your membership has lapsed then please consider signing up. We missed our target of 100 Patrons by the end of the year (although the year has not yet drawn to a close!), but I am happy that the page is able to count on robust international support in what are tough times for many.

I have also struck up correspondence and had many exchanges with readers from around the globe, which is one of the highlights of running this page: please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like me to speak at one of your events.

Anyway, here are my highlights of 2022. I am not always the best at keeping a record of all my articles, translations and videos, but the best place to start is at the website.

Best wishes for a revolutionary 2023,


1. Special Public Translation Series: Clara Zetkin, Communism, the Hijab and Islam

Inspired by the popular uprisings in Iran

2. Podcast: The Second International (1889-1914) with Mike Taber

3. Video: Framing Clara Zetkin’s ‘Die Gleichheit’ (‘Equality’)

A first look at my ongoing research project into the Marxist women’s bimonthly. There will be a lot more of this in the new year!

4. Translation: Karl Kautsky – The Revolt in Baden (1910)

A significant contribution that, for all its flaws, sheds new light on the SPD’s debates in 1910, as I outline in more detail here. The post should also be read alongside contributions by Kautsky’s supporter, Hilferding, the rightwing Baden deputy Ludwig Frank,  and previously untranslated salvos penned by Rosa Luxemburg.

5. Paper: Of Confiscated Papers and Closed-Off Archives: Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘Gesammelte Werke’

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