Marxism Translated


The Marxism Translated Podcast Series

Episode 1: Martov and the Mass Strike

Episode 2: Parvus, Zetkin and Social Democracy (with Lars T Lih)

Episode 3: Translating Rosa Luxemburg in the 21st Century (with Rida Vaquas)

Episode 4: Rosa Luxemburg on Republicanism

Episode 5: Framing ‘Equality’ – Initial Thoughts on Clara Zetkin’s ‘Die Gleichheit’ (1892-1917)

Episode 6: The Second International (1889-1914) with Mike Taber

Episode 7: Balkan Socialism (1880-1914) with Stefan GuÅūvica

Marxism Translated Narrated Translations

Episode 1: August Bebel – The Social Position of Women Today (1891)

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