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Public Archive

Publicly Available Translations:

Bebel, August, ‘On the Social Position of Women Today‘, Die Gleichheit, December 1891

Kilian, Otto, ‘White terror in Central Germany: the Truth about the March battles – Stenographic
Report of the Proceedings of the Prussian State Parliament’s Investigative Committee, October 27‑28

Luxemburg, Rosa, ‘Speech at the grave of Ignaz Auer (1846-1907) on behalf of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party‘, Volksstimme, 16 April 1907.

Pannekoek, Anton, The Russian Revolution (December 1917)

Zetkin, Clara – ‘The Second International Socialist Congress of Women in Copenhagen‘ (1910)

Zetkin, Clara – ‘In the Liberated Caucusus’ (1924)