Marxism Translated


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Alexander Helphand Parvus, ‘Opportunism in Practice’, Die Neue Zeit, 6 parts (1901)

Kautsky, Karl, Bernstein and the Programme of Social Democracy (1899)

Kautsky, Karl, ‘The Revolt in Baden’, Die Neue Zeit, 28 July 1910.

Martov, Julius, The Debates around the Mass Strike in Prussia and Our Experience in Russia’, Die Neue Zeit, July 1910.

Marchlewski, Julian, ‘A Misunderstanding: A Response to Martov on the Mass Strike’, Die Neue Zeit, July 1910.

Mehring, Franz, ‘The Struggle against the Monarchy’, Die Neue Zeit, 28 July 1910.

Zetkin, Clara, Obituary of Alexander Helphand Parvus (1925)

Zinoviev, Grigory, ‘World Revolution and the Third International‘; Speech of the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the USPD Halle Congress on 14 October 1920