Socialist Women against War: Resolution of the International Women’s Conference in Bern (1915)

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Framing ‘Equality’: Initial Thoughts on Clara Zetkin’s ‘Die Gleichheit’ (1892-1917)

Some initial thoughts on the origins, nature and development of the German-language Marxist fortnightly magazine ‘For the Interests of Female Workers’. To help podcast become more regular, please consider becoming a Patron at The original talk was given at an Online Communist Forum on Zoom and can be accessed at: The slides for the talk are attached.

August Bebel – The Social Position of Women Today (1891)

What is more, to the extent that they are excluded from having an influence on either of these things by our public institutions, women must encourage the men to get involved. For their part, the men must understand what an enormous power factor the women’s support for their efforts represents. The Catholic church understood this better than anybody else: it always sought to achieve its main influence through women. In future, the movement behind which the women stand will be the victorious one.