Clara Zetkin
Clara Zetkin

The Marxism Translated Top 5 (Posts of 2022)

The Marxism Translated Top 5 (Posts of 2022) Hello all, It’s been quite some year for this page. We have covered an enormous amount of …

Special Series: Clara Zetkin, Islam and the Hijab in Azerbeijan and Georgia (1924)

Hello all, In light of the incredibly inspiring uprising currently unfolding in all provinces of Iran, where women, students, workers and even schoolgirls are openly …

Of confiscated papers and closed-off archives: Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘Gesammelte Werke’

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The Two Souls of Stockholm: Zetkin and the Third International (Part II)

Below you will find the concluding part to Clara Zetkin’s piece calling for a new international in August 1917, which was first published in the …