Call for Subscriptions: ‘Die Gleichheit’ (1892)
Call for Subscriptions: ‘Die Gleichheit’ (1892)

Call for Subscriptions: ‘Die Gleichheit’ (1892)

This issue marks the end of the second year of the publication of Die Gleichheit.
We ask our readers to renew their subscriptions as soon as possible so that there are no disruptions to the delivery of their magazine. We also ask them to work to ensure that the readership of Die Gleichheit expands more and more, so that the social-democratic views championed by the paper can reach ever broader sections of proletarian women and gain a firm foothold.
As before, Die Gleichheit will continue to stand up resolutely for all the interests of proletarian women. Its attitude will be as it always has been, which is determined by the fact of the class struggle. It is both the duty, and in the interests of, working-class women to take part in this struggle.
The editors and publishers will continue to do everything in their power to ensure that Die Gleichheit can accomplish its task of being a voice in the struggle as much as possible.
We hope that the paper will retain its old supporters and gain new ones in the new year.

The Editorial Board and the Publisher

(‘Einladung zum Abonnment’, Die Gleichheit, Wednesday 28 December 1892, 26, 2 (1892): 209.)

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